Phil Rizzuto, Frank Messer, Bill White, Whitey Ford Autograph

Whitey Ford sure seems like the odd man out here.  I mean, of course his autograph is worthwhile, but I don't ever remember him being a Yankee announcer. I do vaguely remember a photo from either a Yankee Yearbook or Scorecard with these four together.  A list of Yankee announcers does indicate that Whitey worked as a TV analyst for the team from 1968-1971, but I have to think that was part time at best.  But his pitching career puts him arguably as the Yankees' best all-time pitcher. As for … [Read more...]

Dock Ellis Autograph

Before he came to the Yankees, Dock Ellis pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and while there he once pitched a no hitter while high on LSD. Really. What else could I say that could top that? If you doubt me, read the story here. Even Snopes confirms it. Read the ESPN link. It's quite a story, covering not just the acid no-no but Ellis's career as a whole, including both other colorful incidents (such as when he purposefully hit the first three players on the Reds in a game in 1974, then tried … [Read more...]

Horace Clarke Autograph

Horace Clarke gets a bad rap. Yesterday in the Bill Virdon post I referred to the unfortunate era between the Yankees mid-century dominance and their early success in the Boss Steinbrenner reign.  Most people in New York just call it the Horace Clarke Era, as Clarke was generally considered a mediocre player who happened to be with the Yankees for almost the entire period.   His timing was nearly perfectly terrible. He joined the team as a major leaguer in 1965, when their last pennant of the … [Read more...]

Bill Virdon Autograph

Bill Virdon was the last Yankee manager of the unfortunate period between their mid-century dominance and the very turbulent early Steinbrenner renaissance. He was also the manager during the Yankees unhappy stay in Shea Stadium while Yankee Stadium was being renovated in 1975 and 1975. He was fired a little more than 100 games into the 1975 season and replaced by Billy Martin. He spent most of his playing career as  center fielder with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and his first managing job was with … [Read more...]

Joe DiMaggio Autograph

I'm really not keeping up with posting here, but I'm going to try pushing out 5 posts this week. Let's do a baseball theme in honor of the World Series. Unfortunately that's going to mean all Yankee autographs right now. There are non-Yankee baseball players in the collection, but they aren't scanned or even easily accessible at the moment. We'll begin with Joe Dimaggio. It's not a hand drawn portrait (which is true of a number of the Yankee autographs), but it is Joe D. // ****Best Wishes … [Read more...]

Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson Autographs

Little did we know. It was 1971. I was 9. The 1971 New York Yankees were a disappointment. The previous year they won 93 games and came in second. In 1971 they slipped to 82-80 and came in fourth. Promising left-handed pitcher Fritz Peterson won 20 games in '70, and was 15-13 in'71: respectable but a letdown. Mike Kekich was also a lefty, and the team's fifth starter. He did not show as much potential as Peterson, but you never know with lefty pitchers. They surprise you sometimes. My Dad and … [Read more...]