Phil Rizzuto, Frank Messer, Bill White, Whitey Ford Autograph

Whitey Ford sure seems like the odd man out here.  I mean, of course his autograph is worthwhile, but I don't ever remember him being a Yankee … [Read more...]

Dock Ellis Autograph

Before he came to the Yankees, Dock Ellis pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and while there he once pitched a no hitter while high on LSD. Really. … [Read more...]

Horace Clarke Autograph

Horace Clarke gets a bad rap. Yesterday in the Bill Virdon post I referred to the unfortunate era between the Yankees mid-century dominance and their … [Read more...]

Bill Virdon Autograph

Bill Virdon was the last Yankee manager of the unfortunate period between their mid-century dominance and the very turbulent early Steinbrenner … [Read more...]

Joe DiMaggio Autograph

I'm really not keeping up with posting here, but I'm going to try pushing out 5 posts this week. Let's do a baseball theme in honor of the World … [Read more...]

Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson Autographs

Little did we know. It was 1971. I was 9. The 1971 New York Yankees were a disappointment. The previous year they won 93 games and came in second. In … [Read more...]