Edward Hoagland Autograph

Essayist, novel, travel author. Received  3/8/1974. His My Turn essay is a fairly standard one about how a series of misfortunes, including some health issues and a brush with a dangerous accident, gave him a greater appreciation of life before his circumstances improved. Yet the specific nature of some of thesevents, including an uncontrollable pier fire near his Manhattan apartment and someone putting sugar in his gas tank, are eerie reminders of the rotten, anarchic decay that was New York … [Read more...]

Joyce Maynard Autograph

Author. Maynard cut her photograph from the article. I do not believe she explained why. Around the time of this article she was involved romantically with reclusive author J.D. Salinger. He was 53. She was 19. He broke it off just before her first book was published; the article mentions that her first book is due in the Spring. Her first book was a personal memoir. Did I mention she was only 19? At his request she kept the relationship a secret until 1999. She also had a productive and … [Read more...]

Herbert Gold Autograph

Author, novelist, Beat Generation writer, who befriended Allen Ginsberg at Columbia University. Received 8/29/1974 … [Read more...]

Stephen Spender Autograph

English poet and literary critic. Friend and admirer of W.H Auden. Most famous for the work he generated in the 1930w, but active until his death in 1995. Received 3/27/1986. … [Read more...]