Herb Brooks Autograph

// ****Coach, 1980 US Hockey Team.***** … [Read more...]

Mike Eruzione Autograph

Just in time for US-Russia hockey here is Mike Eruzione, Captain of the 1980 Miracle on Ice team. My father collected the autographs of the entire team. // ****Best Wishes, Mike Eruzione***** 1980 Olympic Team … [Read more...]

Stephen Spender Autograph

English poet and literary critic. Friend and admirer of W.H Auden. Most famous for the work he generated in the 1930w, but active until his death in 1995. Received 3/27/1986. … [Read more...]

Henry Kissinger Autograph

Almost anything I might bother to write about Mr. Kissinger would be insufficient. I don't have any personal stories or remembrances about him, so all that's left is his public career and influence, which is rather epic in scope. So he shows up here in a week of Nixon people because just during the period he served as National Security Advisor in the Nixon administration, he advanced the policy of détente with the Soviet Union, pushed for the opening of relations with the People's Republic of … [Read more...]

Phil Rizzuto, Frank Messer, Bill White, Whitey Ford Autograph

Whitey Ford sure seems like the odd man out here.  I mean, of course his autograph is worthwhile, but I don't ever remember him being a Yankee announcer. I do vaguely remember a photo from either a Yankee Yearbook or Scorecard with these four together.  A list of Yankee announcers does indicate that Whitey worked as a TV analyst for the team from 1968-1971, but I have to think that was part time at best.  But his pitching career puts him arguably as the Yankees' best all-time pitcher. As for … [Read more...]

Horace Clarke Autograph

Horace Clarke gets a bad rap. Yesterday in the Bill Virdon post I referred to the unfortunate era between the Yankees mid-century dominance and their early success in the Boss Steinbrenner reign.  Most people in New York just call it the Horace Clarke Era, as Clarke was generally considered a mediocre player who happened to be with the Yankees for almost the entire period.   His timing was nearly perfectly terrible. He joined the team as a major leaguer in 1965, when their last pennant of the … [Read more...]

Vincent Sardi Jr. Autograph

Received 1/16/1976. My father drew the restaurant owner in the style of caricaturist Don Bevan, who drew the famous caricatures of theater performers, directors and producers for more than 20 years. Tis Pity T'is True Vincent Sardi     … [Read more...]

David Bowie Autograph

"Can't this guy sign his name" Singer, musician, rock star, actor. Received 3/11/1981. Originally he sent the signed letter, but forgot to sign sketch.After a second request, Bowie signed the sketch and added the thought bubble with the phrase above. … [Read more...]