A Note On Categories

The Categories for this site are a combination of the categories used by my father and some I have added myself. In addition, I am placing individuals in multiple categories where appropriate. The oddest thing about my father’s categories is based upon his habit — especially early in the project — of connecting the subjects either to JFK or Lincoln when that might not be what the person was best known for. So Norman Rockwell is in the Lincoln category because he has in illustration in a Lincoln book, when he is most known as an illustrator of magazine covers. An actor who played JFK or Lincoln would get in that category although he or she should make more sense in a Performing Arts category. Then there is Richard Nixon. My dad got his autograph before Nixon was elected, so he’s in the JFK category because (1) he lost the 1960 presidential election to JFK, and (2) he said something nice about JFK when he died. Later, after Nixon was President and especially after Watergate broke, my Dad collected a lot of autographs and there is both a Nixon and Watergate category, yet President Nixon is in neither. I try to correct such things.


But if some of the category assignments still seem a bit odd, this is why.

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