William J. Casey Autograph

At the time he signed this, he was most notable for having been chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission . During the Watergate hearings, he testified as a prosecution witness against former Attorney General John N. Mitchell. He later became even more well known as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1981 to 1987 during the Reagan administration. Received 4/4/1974 … [Read more...]

Rogers C.B. Morton Autograph

Secretary of the Interior under President Nixon, and also served as Secretary of Commerce under President Ford. Previously, he represented Maryland's First Congressional District in the House of Representatives. Received 10/14/1972. … [Read more...]

Claude S. Brinegar Autograph

Secretary of Transportation from 1973-1975, under Presidents Nixon and Ford. Received 5/26/1973 "Claude S Brinegar May 1973"   … [Read more...]

Joseph Sisco Autograph

  I will not even pretend that I have any idea of who he is apart from just having looked him up. He was appointed by Nixon as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs. Here is his Wikipedia entry.   "To Mr. Garbowski, With best wishes: Joseph J Sisco, Asst Secretary of State, February 14, 2972" Received 2/16/1972 … [Read more...]

Henry Kissinger Autograph

Almost anything I might bother to write about Mr. Kissinger would be insufficient. I don't have any personal stories or remembrances about him, so all that's left is his public career and influence, which is rather epic in scope. So he shows up here in a week of Nixon people because just during the period he served as National Security Advisor in the Nixon administration, he advanced the policy of détente with the Soviet Union, pushed for the opening of relations with the People's Republic of … [Read more...]

Spiro Agnew Autograph

Last week was baseball week in honor of the World Series.  This week will be Nixon week, in honor of nothing in particular. Spiro Agnew. Nixon's Vice-President, who resigned under a bribe-taking scandal that had nothing to do with Watergate.  Nixon appointed Gerald Ford to take Agnew's place, and Ford ended up succeeding to Nixon when he, in turn, resigned. Received 5/26/1970  - before all the scandals hit. … [Read more...]

Winton M. Blount Autograph

Received 6/16/1972. Letter says, "I was more than happy to sign your First Day of ISsue envelopes.  I hope your collection continues to grow." Blount was Postmaster General during the first term of the Nixon administration. He oversaw the transition of the Postal Service from a department of the Federal government to a semi-independent government owned and chartered corporation. As such, he was the last Postmaster General to hold the title as a Cabinet official. The First Day Covers … [Read more...]