George D. Pappas Autograph

A Professor at the  Albert Einstein College of Medicine at the time of the article. Although I can find various references to him and his works on line, I cannot easily determine his current status, including even if he lives. This is a week of the "My Turn" article autographs. I'm trying to do 2 a day for the week. Received 1/24/1974. … [Read more...]

Wernher Von Braun Autograph

Received 11/16/1967.  Dr. Wernher von Braun, one of the fathers of rocket science, probably second to Robert H. Goddard in that respect. I tried writing a small post that addresses the fact that his life -- especially before he came to the US -- is rather controversial without getting caught up in it, but I don't think that is truly possible. If you want to know more, just look him up in Wikipedia. In a completely different vein, here is a humorous take on what it's like to meet a … [Read more...]