Earl (Capt.) Yates Autograph

At the time of signing, Yates was Captain of the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier.  I have found it surprisingly hard to update his bio. He appears to have attained the status of Admiral before he retired, and as best as I can tell he is still alive. But there is some confusion, as it seems there was another US Navy Admiral named Earl Yates. This is Earl P. Yates, and there was an Admiral Earl F. Yates, and many online sources simply refer to Admiral Earl Yates. In any event, Happy … [Read more...]

Harold MacMillan and Richard M. Nixon Autographs

  Harold MacMillan, Prime Minister of the UK. Negotiated the Nassau Agreement with JFK in 1962. Received 11/2/1967. President Richard M. Nixon, 2/21/1968. Lost Presidential election to JFK in 1960 before winning in 1968 and all the rest. … [Read more...]

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. and Theodore C Sorenson Autographs

A pair of historians famous for their works on JFK. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.. Received 2/21/1967, Author of  "A Thousand Days." Theodore C. Sorenson, received  4/26/1967. Attorney and Author "Kennedy." … [Read more...]