Hal Holbrook Autograph – Jason Robards Autograph

Hal Holbrook received 4/14/1966.  Holbrook portrayed Lincoln in the play "Abe Lincoln In Illinois" in 1963. Jason Robards, received 5/14/1966. Robards portrayed Lincoln in the television version of the same work in 1964. Both men had long, accomplished careers apart from these roles, but the Lincoln roles are why they are here. … [Read more...]

Faye Dunaway Autograph

I think my Dad had a little crush on Faye Dunaway. Nothing unhealthy, but it was enough that I picked up on it even as a kid. Unless I'm completely wrong and just slandered him.  But I do remember seeing Chinatown, Three Days of the Condor,  and The Eyes of Laura Mars with him. Maybe Network, too. I'm not certain. Received  4/20/1973 "To Edward with best wishes & thanks. Well done! Faye Dunaway" … [Read more...]

Birgit Nilsson Autograph

If you were inventing a character to be the leading Wagnerian soprano of her day, becoming famous worldwide for playing roles such as  Brünnhilde and Isolde, you just might name her Birgit Nilsson. Well, that's who she was in real life. This is one of the autographs in the collection which I came to appreciate only after my father died. I had no idea who she was when he drew the portrait and got the autograph in 1972 when I was 10. Years later I gained an appreciation for opera and her … [Read more...]

Vincent Sardi Jr. Autograph

Received 1/16/1976. My father drew the restaurant owner in the style of caricaturist Don Bevan, who drew the famous caricatures of theater performers, directors and producers for more than 20 years. Tis Pity T'is True Vincent Sardi     … [Read more...]

David Bowie Autograph

"Can't this guy sign his name" Singer, musician, rock star, actor. Received 3/11/1981. Originally he sent the signed letter, but forgot to sign sketch.After a second request, Bowie signed the sketch and added the thought bubble with the phrase above. … [Read more...]

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Autograph

"Well done! Very cordially Elisabeth Schwarzkoph" Sporano opera singer, received  3/29/1971. … [Read more...]

Rudolf Nureyev Autograph

Soviet born dancer of ballet and modern dance. Escaped to freedom in 1961. Received 5/16/1973. … [Read more...]