Alden Whitman Autograph

Whitman was an obituary writer for The New York Times. His My Turn essay is interesting, arguing that we should be more willing to speak ill of the recently dead, especially in obituaries. Per Wokipedia, he had been a member of the Communist Party in the 1930s and 1940s, and reluctantly testified during the Communist cell investigations of the 1950s, facing charges for contempt of Congress. In light of that, his choice of examples in the essay above are interesting: he starts with a deceased … [Read more...]

Edward Hoagland Autograph

Essayist, novel, travel author. Received  3/8/1974. His My Turn essay is a fairly standard one about how a series of misfortunes, including some health issues and a brush with a dangerous accident, gave him a greater appreciation of life before his circumstances improved. Yet the specific nature of some of thesevents, including an uncontrollable pier fire near his Manhattan apartment and someone putting sugar in his gas tank, are eerie reminders of the rotten, anarchic decay that was New York … [Read more...]

Annette K. Baxter Autograph

  Received 4/22/1975. History professor. Barnard College, specialized in American studies and women's studies. "For Edward Garbowski/ Annette K. Baxter." … [Read more...]

John Kenneth Galbraith Autograph

Famous economist who was extremely influential in mid-century (20th Century) America. He also served in the administrations of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson. Rather than try to summarize his work, I'll just link to his Wikipedia entry. Your opinion of him largely depends on your political and economic leanings. Received 1/21/1974. … [Read more...]

Joyce Maynard Autograph

Author. Maynard cut her photograph from the article. I do not believe she explained why. Around the time of this article she was involved romantically with reclusive author J.D. Salinger. He was 53. She was 19. He broke it off just before her first book was published; the article mentions that her first book is due in the Spring. Her first book was a personal memoir. Did I mention she was only 19? At his request she kept the relationship a secret until 1999. She also had a productive and … [Read more...]

Jimmy (the Greek) Snyder Autograph

Football analyst, oddsmaker. He eventually was embarrassed and shamed out of public life for racially insensitive remarks, which were not something I would want to defend, yet it also seems unfair to define him by that incident. "To Ed, the best for '75 Jimmy the Greek." Received 1/17/1975   … [Read more...]

Joseph Farris Autograph

  New Yorker cartoonist. "Best wishes, Joseph Farris" Received 2/25/1974 … [Read more...]

J.F.[Jerald] terHorst Autograph

J.F.[Jerald]  terHorst Reporter and briefly Press Secretary for Gerald Ford. Resigned upon being informed that President Ford planned to pardon President Nixon, for the reasons set forth in his resignation letter shown below, from Wikipedia. Received 1/13/1975.   … [Read more...]

Jack Valenti Autograph

Long-time (38 years) President of the Motion Picture Association. Famous for overseeing creation of the MPAA film rating system, and being a fierce advocate of intellectual property rights, mostly copyright. Received 2/13/1974 … [Read more...]

James C. Jones Autograph

Detroit bureau chief for Newsweek. Not surprisingly, I understand that his major focus was the automobile industry. "With good wishes - James C. Jones" Received 4/16/1975   … [Read more...]