Hal Holbrook Autograph – Jason Robards Autograph

Hal Holbrook received 4/14/1966.  Holbrook portrayed Lincoln in the play "Abe Lincoln In Illinois" in 1963. Jason Robards, received 5/14/1966. Robards portrayed Lincoln in the television version of the same work in 1964. Both men had long, accomplished careers apart from these roles, but the Lincoln roles are why they are here. … [Read more...]

Allan Nevins and Norman Rockwell Autographs

Allan Nevins, received 5/23/1966. Historian wrote multiple books regarding Lincoln and the Civil War, as well as biographies of John D. Rockefeller and JFK. Norman ROckwell, famous artist, known mostly for his Saturday Evening Post covers. Received 6/5/1967. His drawing of Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address featured in Lincoln: A Picture Story of His Life by Stefan Lorant. … [Read more...]

Josephine Cobb Autograph – Ralph Borreson Autograph

As near as I can tell, the lower item represents the first autograph my father obtained. Josephine Cobb: Lincoln, Scholar, Collector, and iconographic expert of the National Archives.  It is dated January 24, 1966 in my database. I cannot identify any connection between the stamp and either her or Lincoln, so that's a bit of a mystery. Ms. Cobb's claim to fame is that in 1952, while working at the photographic division of the National Archives, she discovered what was then, and may still be, the … [Read more...]