Hal Holbrook Autograph – Jason Robards Autograph

Hal Holbrook received 4/14/1966.  Holbrook portrayed Lincoln in the play "Abe Lincoln In Illinois" in 1963. Jason Robards, received 5/14/1966. … [Read more...]

Faye Dunaway Autograph

I think my Dad had a little crush on Faye Dunaway. Nothing unhealthy, but it was enough that I picked up on it even as a kid. Unless I'm completely … [Read more...]

Birgit Nilsson Autograph

If you were inventing a character to be the leading Wagnerian soprano of her day, becoming famous worldwide for playing roles such as  Brünnhilde and … [Read more...]

Vincent Sardi Jr. Autograph

Received 1/16/1976. My father drew the restaurant owner in the style of caricaturist Don Bevan, who drew the famous caricatures of theater performers, … [Read more...]

David Bowie Autograph

"Can't this guy sign his name" Singer, musician, rock star, actor. Received 3/11/1981. Originally he sent the signed letter, but forgot to sign … [Read more...]

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Autograph

"Well done! Very cordially Elisabeth Schwarzkoph" Sporano opera singer, received  3/29/1971. … [Read more...]

Rudolf Nureyev Autograph

Soviet born dancer of ballet and modern dance. Escaped to freedom in 1961. Received 5/16/1973. … [Read more...]