Herb Brooks Autograph

// ****Coach, 1980 US Hockey Team.***** … [Read more...]

Mike Eruzione Autograph

Just in time for US-Russia hockey here is Mike Eruzione, Captain of the 1980 Miracle on Ice team. My father collected the autographs of the entire … [Read more...]

Stephen Spender Autograph

English poet and literary critic. Friend and admirer of W.H Auden. Most famous for the work he generated in the 1930w, but active until his death in … [Read more...]

Henry Kissinger Autograph

Almost anything I might bother to write about Mr. Kissinger would be insufficient. I don't have any personal stories or remembrances about him, so all … [Read more...]

Phil Rizzuto, Frank Messer, Bill White, Whitey Ford Autograph

Whitey Ford sure seems like the odd man out here.  I mean, of course his autograph is worthwhile, but I don't ever remember him being a Yankee … [Read more...]

Horace Clarke Autograph

Horace Clarke gets a bad rap. Yesterday in the Bill Virdon post I referred to the unfortunate era between the Yankees mid-century dominance and their … [Read more...]

Vincent Sardi Jr. Autograph

Received 1/16/1976. My father drew the restaurant owner in the style of caricaturist Don Bevan, who drew the famous caricatures of theater performers, … [Read more...]

David Bowie Autograph

"Can't this guy sign his name" Singer, musician, rock star, actor. Received 3/11/1981. Originally he sent the signed letter, but forgot to sign … [Read more...]